Alfa Romeo 2500 SS 6c roll-up bag

Part status: Used


Green cotton bag in excellent condition
Rusty jack
Jack rod
Tubular spark plug wrench 19x21
Deformed tubular key 26x27
5 unmarked Alfa Romeo keys 8/10, 14/15, 14/17, 17/19 and 20/22
"Diamond handle" pliers
Titan hammer 300 grams
Tecalemit greaser
Lucifer emergency triangle 1959

Inside the small bag is the feeler gauge and oil.

Inside the bag case you will find the grese gun, the small case, the 26x27 tubular wrench, the steel brush and the pliers.


  • Alfa Romeo 6C 6C 2500 SS CABRIOLET 1939-1951 2443cc
  • Alfa Romeo 6C 6C 2500 SS COUPÉ 1939-1951 2443cc
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